Helical confirms the redemption today of its £80.0m 6.00 per cent bonds in line with its plans to reduce debt and annual finance costs.

The bonds were originally issued on 24 June 2013 with a maturity date of 24 June 2020. The redemption price of the bonds was calculated at 11.00 a.m. on 28 February 2018 based on the benchmark gilt at that time plus a 0.5 per cent. margin, in accordance with, and as described in further detail in the terms and conditions of the bonds. The aggregate redemption price of the bonds is £88,680,000 excluding any accrued interest, a premium of £8,680,000 over the aggregate issue price of the bonds.

Following the redemption of the bonds, the Company’s future interest payments will reduce by £11,112,000 in the period to 24 June 2020, a net saving of £2,432,000.

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