At Helical we believe that robust corporate governance is of fundamental importance in delivering for shareholders the long-term success of the Company through the effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management of the Company.

The Board of Helical is collectively responsible for providing the leadership of the Company within a framework of controls and reporting structures which assist in pursuing its strategic aims and business objectives.

It comprises a Non-Executive Chairman, a Chief Executive, five Non-Executive Directors and three Executive Directors. Biographies of the Directors can be found here.

The Board delegates operational responsibilities to an Executive Committee and governance responsibilities to Nominations, Audit and Risk, Remuneration and Property Valuations Committees whilst retaining overall responsibility for the running of the Company.

Principal Risk Review

Risk is an integral part of any group’s business activities and Helical’s ability to identify, assess, monitor and manage each risk to which it is exposed is fundamental to its financial stability, current and future financial performance and reputation. As well as seeing changes in our internal and external environment as potential risks, we also see them as being opportunities which can drive performance.

Risk management starts at Board level where the Directors set the overall risk appetite of the Group and the risk management strategies. Helical’s management runs the business within these guidelines and part of its role is to act within these strategies and to report to the Board on how they are being operated.

The Group’s risk management system is informed by the ISO 31000 Risk Management principles and guidelines. The Group’s risk appetite and risk management strategies are continually assessed by the Board to ensure that they are appropriate and consistent with the Group’s overall strategy and with external market conditions. The effectiveness of the Group’s risk management strategy is reviewed every six months by the Audit Committee and by the full Board.

The Board has ultimate responsibility for risk within the business. However, the small size of our team and our flat management structure allows the Executive Directors to have close contact with all aspects of the business and allows us to ensure that the identification and management of risks and opportunities is part of the mindset of all decision makers at Helical.

Annual Report

Further information on corporate governance, including details of Helical’s compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code can be found in the latest Annual Report, available for download on the link below.