Business model

Our Purpose forms the foundation of our strategy which, through the application of our business model, drives long-term, sustainable growth and value for all our stakeholders.

Values & Culture

Our Values underpin the behaviours we consider vital to achieving our strategic aims.

It is through our Values that we communicate the key aspects of Helical’s Culture to our stakeholders, providing insight into the principles and the ethics that support our Purpose.

  • Integrity

    Through our honest and open approach, we aim to engender the respect of everyone we work with

  • Excellence

    Using our market experience and intelligence, we strive to be “best-in-class” in everything we do

  • Collaboration

    Building strong relationships and teamwork are at the heart of our success

  • Creative

    We are passionate about developing innovative and inspiring spaces

  • Sustainable

    Working for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders, local communities and the environment drives the decisions we make.

  • Dynamic

    Energy, adaptability and agility are core to our approach


Assets, skills and knowledge to create our competitive advantage

Business activities


Working for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders, local communities and the environment underpins all our activities

  1. 01 Structure and funding

    Long term
    Use our own capital combined with external debt where we see value in holding an asset for long-term income and capital growth.

    Short/Medium term
    Identify a joint venture partner, limiting our capital commitment and risk exposure, whilst linking our return to performance.

  2. 02 Develop

    Actively manage our assets throughout their development, working with trusted suppliers and focusing on quality, efficiency and safety.

  3. 03 Let

    Look to let our properties on flexible terms to a diverse, financially robust tenant base.

  4. 04 Manage

    Through proactive asset management we drive the rental value forward whilst maximising occupancy.

Value creation

Enhanced value for reinvestment or realisation



Investment property value


Helical's MSCI Central London Office Total Return Index (3 year)


Office buildings certified or targeting BREEAM “Excellent” or above

People and culture


Average staff retention

13.2 years

Average length of employee service

Market expertise


Sites for development in joint venture with TfL

Relationships and reputation


Of all contracted rent collected



See-through average cost of debt


Loan to value


Generation of long term value for our stakeholders

  • A Shareholders

  • B Partners

  • C Suppliers and contractors

  • D Occupiers (tenants/customers)

  • E Employees

  • F Local communities

  • G Government and other regulatory bodies