back Preliminary results for the year to 31 March 2002

Helical’s outperformance record continues


  • 14 per cent growth in net assets per share, before Special Dividend
  • Pre-tax profits of £22.6m (2001: £25.8m)
  • Special Dividend of 100p per share paid in April 2002
  • Total ordinary dividend of 13.75p per share (2001: 12.5p) – up 10 per cent
  • Total Shareholder Return (share price growth plus dividends) of 161p: 22 per cent

John Southwell, Chairman, commented: “By de-gearing and, effectively, stepping aside during this cyclical period of uncertainty, the Company is in a strong position to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Whilst the short term outlook is clouded by weaker tenant demand the Company faces the medium term future with optimism that it will be able to maintain its record of outperformance.”

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