Helical takes a strong interest in charitable, community and social issues. We recognise that the buildings that we own and develop have an impact on the local environment and the communities that live and work there and we believe that engagement with those communities is an important part of our activities. Community engagement is an ongoing concern throughout the development process, from planning until development completion and operation.

Helical has social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in order to communicate more effectively with our tenants and other stakeholders, in addition to our online newsletter, City Life, which includes articles on the Group’s projects, occupiers and contributing partners. These can all be accessed through the Helical website.


  • We will implement considerate construction practices on all developments and refurbishments, including consulting with local communities and stakeholders on large schemes as part of the planning stages and throughout the construction process.
  • We aim to take part in numerous community initiatives and fundraising events, both as a company and as individuals.
  • We believe in the importance of providing education and experience opportunities for young people and is something we aim to continue doing in the years to come. Where feasible, we work with our contractors to run apprenticeships schemes for young people to learn practical skills on our construction sites, providing valuable experience in preparation for their futures.


As part of our commitment to the regions in which we operate, we regularly support community initiatives. Some examples from the year to 31 March 2018 include.

  • A number of charity fundraising and networking events have been held at The Shepherds Building, London W14. Over the last 12 months we have worked with local charity “Shepherds Bush Family Projects” to support the local community, those less fortunate than others and the homeless.
  • At Churchgate & Lee House, Manchester, the team attended a local conference linked to Manchester Metropolitan University about coffee cup recycling and litter prevention and invited tenants along to join. We have also held several events for our tenants that have involved partnerships with local businesses, organisations and musicians and promoting health lifestyles.
  • We have set up the Manchester Community Loyalty Scheme which is available to the tenants of our Manchester properties. The scheme supports and encourages the use of local businesses through a Loyalty Card system. To date, 422 members of staff at our tenants in both Churchgate & Lee House and 35 Dale Street have signed up to the scheme.
  • At Power Road Studios, London W4, numerous successful social events to promote health awareness and sporting
    events such as Wimbledon and the Football World Cup have been held.