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Helical takes a strong interest in charitable, community and social issues. As a Group, we recognise that the buildings we own and develop have an impact on the local environment and the communities that live and work there. We believe that engagement with those communities is an important part of our activities. Community engagement is an ongoing priority throughout the whole development process.


  • We will implement considerate construction practices on all developments and refurbishments, including consulting with local communities and stakeholders on large schemes as part of the planning stages and throughout the construction process.
  • We aim to take part in numerous community initiatives and fundraising events, both as a company and as individuals.
  • We believe in the importance of providing education and experience opportunities for young people and is something we aim to continue doing in the years to come. Where feasible, we work with our contractors to run apprenticeships schemes for young people to learn practical skills on our construction sites, providing valuable experience in preparation for their futures.

Helical Bursary

The Helical Bursary was established in 2017/18 to support Real Estate and Planning students studying at Henley Business School, University of Reading.

The Bursary was awarded to Aurora Bennet, an exceptional student, who would not otherwise have had sufficient financial resource to support her study. Helical has paid a total of £10,000 to date, with an additional £5,000 pledged for the next academic year.

“ I can say, without a doubt, that if it wasn’t for the support of this foundation, for the inspiring individuals and firms in this industry, I wouldn’t be as inspired to work as hard as I do and be as successful as I am.”
– Aurora Bennet

The Atlas Ascent

On 27 September 2018 a 15 strong team of Helical employees embarked on a four day Charity Trek to the Atlas Mountains, reaching the top of northern Africa’s tallest peak – Jbel Toubkal at 4,167m. This incredibly rewarding challenge stretched the team both physically and mentally, raising over £140,000 for two notable charities, LandAid and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, with 100% of funds raised split equally between the two charities.

LandAid is the property industry charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK. LandAid brings together businesses and individuals from across the industry to support charities delivering life changing projects for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal partners (each year) with three organisations who are leading experts in addressing social issues to deliver ground breaking programmes, which will not only change, but also save, people’s lives. This year’s appeal supports Place2Be, OnSide Youth Zones and Samaritans.


As part of our commitment to the regions in which we operate, we regularly support community initiatives. Some examples from the year to 31 March 2019 include.

  • At The Bower, London EC1, there has been a focus on wellness over the last 12 months. In January we held “The Wellness Month” which included yoga, talks and laughter workshops for tenants;
  • At Power Road Studios, London W4, we have held numerous successful events to promote health awareness, sporting events such as table tennis tournaments and food truck pop ups;
  • At Barts Square, London EC1, the residential scheme has been designed with the goal of creating a new community in the heart of the City. Comprehensive amenities give residents the opportunity to come together, become acquainted and socialise. The lounge, gardens and screening room provide the opportunity to meet residents, friends and family. An informal residents committee has been set up to allow residents to raise concerns, share experiences and plan upcoming scheme-wide events. The online residents’ portal also provides a forum for communication, both to management and between residents;
  • Dale Street, Manchester, participated in this year’s “Halloween in the City”. This is a city-wide event featuring giant rooftop monster invasions, trick or treat trials, a skeleton parade and family friendly performances. The event attracted an additional 30,000 people to the city centre with Dale Street showcasing its very own monster invasion;
  • Helical also entered a hand-decorated rubber duck in the 2019 Manchester Duck Race to help raise funds for Brainwave, a charity that exists to help children with disabilities and additional needs;
  • To help encourage young people to enter the property industry, for over ten years Helical has held a work experience event comprising a two-day intensive introductory programme into London Real Estate run by Helical’s Chief Executive with support from the senior members of the Property team. The package is available to 8-10 students studying either a BA or Masters in Real Estate or equivalent qualification.