Helical announces "Built for the future" sustainability strategy

23 June 2020

Helical is proud to announce their “Built for the future” sustainability strategy.

As part of Helical’s continued focus on sustainability, it is pleased announce the release of its Sustainability Strategy “Built for the Future”. This sets out the Company’s long-term vision encompassing “Our Environment, Our Communities and Our People” and will enable the business to become truly sustainable.

Underpinning its focus areas, Helical has identified six key priorities which are driving its long-term vision for sustainability.

– Transition to a low carbon business;
– Buy, use and re-use resources efficiently;
– Bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the areas in which it operates;
– Design and operate its buildings to support health and wellbeing;
– Attract and retain the best people;
– Maintain strong relationships with our business partners. 

Helical believes that by integrating these priorities across its business, supply chain and its stakeholders, it will create long-term value and crucially, will ensure Helical is “Built for the Future”.

In recognition of the current climate change crisis and Helical’s commitment to transition to a low carbon business, the Company has set the following short to medium term targets:

– All new developments to be net zero carbon in operation by 2025;
– Reduce the embodied carbon in all new developments by 20% against the current RIBA benchmark;
– Reduce the operational carbon emissions of its existing portfolio by 25% by 2025.

Matthew Bonning-Snook
Property Director & Chair of Sustainability Committee at Helical

It is imperative that sustainability is at the core of all activities at Helical. As owners and creators of exciting design-led buildings, we acknowledge that our activities have a direct and indirect environmental, social and economic impact. We also recognise that there is a climate crisis and as a responsible business we need to ensure we are minimising our impact on the environment.

“As we move towards a net zero carbon world, we are in a position where we can drive change in the way buildings are built, managed and operated. By creating measurable carbon targets, and adopting low carbon technologies and green energy contracts, Helical is well placed to become a net zero carbon business in the future.”

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