Our people

At Helical, our people are intrinsic to delivering the ambitions of the business and driving long-term growth. We aim to promote a culture that encourages our talented and knowledgeable team to feel valued and thrive.

Our culture is defined through our set of values which embody the way that we work; Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Creativity and Sustainability.

Key priorities
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Maintain strong relationships with our business partners

Helical has a small core team, working closely with trusted partners in multiple disciplines. Our success is built on the skills of our staff and therefore finding, developing, rewarding, and retaining our people is a key element of our corporate strategy.

At Helical we encourage an open and inclusive culture as we believe this creates a collaborative and focused approach to achieving the Group’s aims and aspirations, encouraging individuals to proactively suggest ideas and opportunities for the benefit of the business and the people.

Diversity is important in supporting Helical in achieving its strategic aims. By ensuring that Helical is a diverse business, the Group benefits from a variety of experiences and perspectives, stimulating creativity and contributing to our open and cohesive culture.

Supporting our people

Not only do we offer our staff a competitive remuneration and benefits package, but we also support part-time, job-sharing and flexible working requests.

During the year, 21% of the workforce carried out their roles on a part-time basis in order to meet family commitments. We believe this competitive approach to remuneration, alongside an attractive working environment, has continued to keep staff turnover low at 3.7%, with an average length of service of 11.8 years.

To ensure a highly skilled and experienced team, Helical continues to evaluate training needs in line with business objectives. Our employees are actively encouraged to attend training that enhances their knowledge and benefits the business. Over the year, our staff undertook c850 hours of training and development, an average of 4.1 days per employee.

We promote well-being through a number of benefits including a paid-for gym membership, medical insurance, a cycle to work scheme , the availability of fruit and healthy snacks at the office and access to Mental Health First Aiders.

As Helical operates with a small team, our ability to establish excellent long-term relationships with our advisors, agents and other suppliers is very important. As part of this, fair treatment of suppliers remains a key priority for Helical and the Group’s policy is to settle all agreed liabilities as soon as possible and within the terms established with them.

Mental Health First Aid

Our employees’ wellbeing remains fundamental to supporting our high performing culture. In recognition of our commitment to health and wellbeing in the workplace, four employees completed mental health training, achieving a level three qualification in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace. This two-day training course demonstrates how to look out for warning signs of poor mental health and how to offer colleagues appropriate support in accessing help where required.

Harriet Franklin
Harriet Franklin
Mental Health First Aider

Having experienced anxiety and challenges during the pandemic, I was really passionate to participate in the Mental Health First Aid training. Not only was it incredibly comprehensive, but it also gave an insight as to how easy it can be to miss the warning signs that someone may be experiencing mental ill health. Our connection to other people and being mindful of one another’s wellbeing is fundamental to protecting our mental health and I was delighted that Helical acknowledged the importance of this. Investing in corporate wellness and promoting the right attitude towards mental health has been a hugely positive shift in the workplace and I am honoured to be able to be an integral part of this at Helical.