Our Journey

The Helical Bar and Engineering Company Limited was incorporated as a limited company on 3 July 1919 to make and sell reinforcing steel for the construction industry.

After continuing this business for over 65 years, financial difficulties led the Company to seek new activities and on 21 August 1984 Michael Slade was appointed to the Board bringing with him over 15 years of experience of the commercial property world.

The steel reinforcement business was sold at the end of 1986 enabling Helical Bar to become a property development and investment company with Michael Slade as its Chief Executive and Nigel McNair Scott as its Finance Director.

Gerald Kaye joined the Board in 1994 and, having joined Helical in 1995, Matthew Bonning-Snook was appointed Director in 2007.

Tim Murphy was appointed Finance Director in July 2012.

At the 2016 AGM Michael Slade was appointed Chairman and Gerald Kaye was appointed Chief Executive. At the  AGM in 2019, after 35 years on the Board, Michael Slade stood down and Richard Grant became Chairman.