Risk management

Risk management forms an integral part of all Helical’s activities. When making business decisions, the Board assess all potential risks faced and consider the effect that such risks could have on the achievement of the strategic priorities and the long-term success of the Company.

Helical’s ability to identify, assess, monitor and manage its risks is fundamental to the financial stability, continuing performance and reputation of the business.

Risk Management Framework

Helical’s Risk Management Framework is made up of eight components which all function to create an effective system of risk management and internal control. It is through the application of the Risk Management Framework that clear procedures for risk identification, assessment, measurement, mitigation, monitoring and reporting are aligned with the Group’s strategic aims and the Board’s risk appetite.

Our principal risks

Helical’s principal risks fall into the following categories: Strategic Risks, Financial Risks, Operational Risks, and Reputational Risks.

When identifying risks, each risk is linked to the Group’s strategic objectives and to our Values.

Managing climate-related risks

Climate change is one of the greatest issues businesses are currently facing. As a listed commercial property developer, we have a duty to drive transparency, accountability and responsibility in our reporting. By supporting the TCFD recommendations, we are actively demonstrating our commitments to being a sustainable business through our management of risk.

Applying our defined risk management approach, we have identified those climate-related risks which are material to the business. We actively monitor the rapidly evolving regulatory and legislative landscape to enable us to respond to change quickly and effectively.