As owners and creators of best-in-class buildings, we recognise that our activities have a direct and indirect environmental, social and economic impact. 

As a responsible business, we ensure that sustainability underpins how we acquire, redevelop and manage our assets. Our ambitions are embedded within the values and culture of our business ensuring we maintain our position as one of London’s most sustainable REITs.

Built for the future

Our sustainability strategy “Built for the Future” sets out the Company’s long-term vision and details the steps and targets required to become a truly sustainable business. Our strategy identifies six key priorities which we believe are most relevant for Helical and will drive our long-term vision.

Focus areas

Our environment

  • 01 Net zero carbon by 2030
  • 02 Buy, use and re-use resources efficiently

Our communities

  • 01 Bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the areas where we operate
  • 02 Design and operate our buildings to support health and wellbeing

Our people

  • 01 Attract and retain the best people
  • 02 Maintain strong relationships with our business partners

Our measurement of success

The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which articulate the key challenges facing the globe. We have worked to align our key priorities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) where relevant to our business and our industry. We have mapped our key priorities and related objectives against the United Nations SDGs to establish the seven principal goals which offer the greatest opportunity and/or risk to our business.

Want to speak to someone about sustainability?

Get in touch with the following contacts for more information

  • Matthew Bonning-Snook
    Property Director
    Tel 020 7629 0113
  • Laura Beaumont
    Head of Sustainability
    Tel 020 7629 0113