Helical’s Health and Safety policy aims to develop a corporate culture that is committed to the prevention of injuries and ill health to its employees or others that may be affected by its activities. It is important that we provide a safe and pleasant working environment for all of our employees, throughout our operations.

The Board of Directors and senior staff are responsible for implementing this policy and ensure that health and safety considerations are always given priority in planning and in day-to-day activities. Our Health & Safety Policy was reviewed and updated in February 2021 to reflect the latest legislative and regulatory developments.


  • We will ensure that all of our developments sites and assets implement appropriate health and safety practices in line with regulatory requirements, to protect our contractors, sub contractors, tenants and employees.
  • We will work collaboratively with our Managing Agents and Consultants to ensure that our managed portfolio provides best practice to our occupiers in terms of sustainability, environmental compliance and health & safety practices.
  • We ensure when refurbishing properties that consideration is given to the local air quality and how our developments could improve pollution levels through sustainable transport, activity areas and selective use of materials to best promote a healthy lifestyle for both users and the local community. All our developments adopt an integrated approach in order to ensure that relevant and applicable health and well being aspects are considered during the design process.


  • Helical have implemented a Corporate Health and Safety Policy (aligned to OHSAS 18001) that includes measures to reduce H&S impact through time specific quantified targets to reduce incidents. Part of this is making sure that our people are well instructed on health and safety procedures, to prevent any individuals putting themselves or their colleagues at risk. Procedures undergo an annual review with The Health and Safety Committee to ensure that any changes in circumstance are accounted for. Refresher training has been provided to the head office, development and property teams, and a guidance note produced for all Project Directors.

  • Across Helical’s development portfolio we continue to ensure that accidents on construction sites are low through compliance with our Corporate Health and Safety Policy. We operate a ‘no blame’ culture where employees are openly encouraged to report hazards without fear of reprisal to ensure the root causes of accidents are identified thus enabling measures to be put in place to eliminate recurrence.

  • Helical has in place a robust set of arrangements for monitoring and management of H&S for all of our activities which include use of our template risk assessments Helical H&S Risk Assessment and process of reporting in Helical Corporate H&S Requirements.

  • The wellbeing of our development teams is a priority, with provision being made for site visits from a nurse, or for workers to benefit from occupational health initiatives. The wellbeing of construction operatives is also assessed through the Considerate Contractors Scheme.

  • Performance data is verified by an independent third party on an annual basis and is reported below.


  2019 2020 2021
Number of hours worked 2,038,505 2,919,095 352,069
Number of RIDDOR reportable 1 4 1
Number of Lost Time Accidents 11 4 0
Accident frequency rate for LTA 0.54 0.14 0
Accident frequency rate for RIDDOR 0 0.14 0.28


All multi-occupied properties have a annual Health & Safety audit, this is carried out by an independent third party organisation. 

Additional audits are carried out where  required for areas such as asbestos and water risk assessments. 

Below details the number of RIDDOR reportable incidents for the past 3 years. This covers 100% of our commercial office and retail space. 

  2019 2020 2021
Number of RIDDOR reportable

Percentage of sites with ISO 45001 certification

Helical plc’s construction works are undertaken by a number of leading contracting organisations across the country.

Key criteria in the selection of our contractors is their accreditation and application of ISO 45001.

  2019 2020 2021
Sites 18001 accredited 88% 92% 80%

Number of staff H&S trained

  2019 2020 2021
Staff 17 17 17
Contractor 5,137 4,251 1,467


  • Helical are informed immediately of any accidents and incidents that occur.
  • Helical report on a monthly basis at Board Level all accidents and incidents in the period.
  • Helical have continued to outperform the industry’s Lost Time Incidence Rate for the past 3 years.
  • H&S and H&S performance is an agenda item for all project reporting meetings and Helical Board meetings.
  • Helical’s corporate advisors undertake a separate investigation [aligned to OHSAS 18001] into the events, causes, reporting findings and areas for improvement and/or learning points.
  • Actions following individual events and incidents are reported across the supply chain and every Helical Board meeting.
  • There have been no reported fatalities for the past 3 years.