Our communities

Creating and sustaining a positive socio-economic impact for those communities that work, live and visit the areas where our buildings are located is a key indicator that our activities are generating wider and lasting benefits.

Through community engagement, we believe we are creating spaces where people can thrive.

As a property developer and asset manager, we are responsible for the regeneration of significant and important areas of London and have always worked hard to maintain close relationships with our communities through dialogue, engagement and proactive asset management.

Key priorities
  • Bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the areas in which we operate
  • Design and operate our buildings to support health and wellbeing

At our existing assets we invest in local initiatives and support communities, this includes creating a calendar of events and initiatives to ensure we are positively engaging with local residents, schools, community groups and businesses, facilitating Green Groups to discuss ESG issues and supporting local charities.

The past few years have highlighted the considerable importance of health and wellbeing, with both communities and tenants placing a much greater value on their access to green spaces, biodiversity and improved air quality. For our existing portfolio we are working with our building managers to ensure that relevant and applicable health and wellbeing aspects are considered in an integrated and inclusive way. These include but are not limited to; indoor air quality reviews, access to mental health first aiders; facilitation of building specific Green Group meetings and a calendar of wellness events.

At our development sites, in partnership with our main contractors we actively manage and monitor the social impact of our development activities.  We issue a monthly newsletter to all local residents and businesses to ensure they are made aware of progress, any upcoming disruptive activities and details on community events and initiatives. Through volunteers we have also been able to support local schools and charities. During the year 6 Helical staff members volunteered at a local school science club.


Helical has a relationship with LandAid, the Property Industry’s Charity, dating back to 1986 and has been a Foundation Partner since 2012.

In the last ten years Helical has raised and donated over £450,000 to LandAid and in 2020 became a Founding Partner of LandAid’s Emergency Covid Appeal, giving vital support to the vulnerable and homeless young people LandAid supported throughout the pandemic.

In 2021, Helical became the headline sponsor of the LandAid 10K event, a landmark event in the property calendar. Twenty-one of Helical’s staff members participated and raised almost £7,000 in the process. More than five hundred people from the industry took part and in total over £75,000 was raised by the event.

Paul Morrish
Paul Morrish
CEO of LandAid

The team at Helical get the need to support social action not just for a year, but over the long term. They have backed LandAid, and our mission to help tackle and end youth homelessness, tirelessly over the years, raising colossal sums of money, and with some of the most enthusiastic, idiosyncratic, and effective fundraising techniques we’ve seen. They’ve brought fun, commitment and passion to their support, and we’re both delighted and honoured to have Helical as one of our longest-standing partner and supporter.