The Carbon Challenge

Designing for Net Zero is a design guide to aid the Company’s professional teams as they collaborate on development projects and aim to meet Helical’s ambitious targets as it transitions to a low carbon business. The guide covers the entire development process from design and construction through to operation and occupation.

A key pillar of its approach to future development is the appointment of a Carbon Champion. The Carbon Champion will help set the carbon agenda and strategy in the form of a Carbon Implementation Plan (CIP). The individual will agree the vision at the outset, brief the team and then support, monitor and document the carbon journey ensuring that Carbon efficiencies are challenged at each stage of development process.

The design guide sets out 10 steps which should be followed on the journey to achieving a net zero carbon development. Each of the 10 steps details a series of prompts, helping the Carbon Champion to ensure that carbon is considered at every part of a development’s journey, from initial planning well into occupancy. The guide highlights that the greatest carbon saving opportunities lie in optimising facades and materials; design; optimising energy systems and monitoring their use; and tenant engagement.