As part of Helical’s continued focus on sustainability we are pleased to announce the release of our Sustainability Strategy “Built for the Future”. This sets out the long-term vision for “Our Environment, Our Communities and Our People” and will enable the business to become truly sustainable.

Underpinning our focus areas, we have identified six key priorities which drive our long-term vision for sustainability.

  • Transition to a low carbon business
  • Buy, use and re-use resources efficiently
  • Bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the areas in which we operate
  • Design and operate our buildings to support health and wellbeing
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Maintain strong relationships with our business partners

We believe by integrating these priorities across our business, supply chain and our stakeholders, we will create long-term value and crucially, we will ensure Helical is “Built for the Future”.

Along side our Strategy, we also release Sustainability Performance Report 2020. This is the first edition of the report and the hope is it will provide greater transparency over our emissions and energy data and show Helical’s continued commitment to the sustainability agenda.

Our approach to measuring, collecting and verifying our data will give readers a clear snapshot of how we are performing against our 3 key areas; Our Communities, Our Environment and Our People.