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We recognise that there is a direct link between sustainability and shareholder value through enhancing the long-term value of the business. We continue to review our Environmental Management processes to ensure they continue to effectively monitor legislative requirements, minimise risks of pollution, facilitate the management of key environmental risks, and assist in achieving specific objectives and targets.

Key elements of our management system include:

  • A Sustainability Committee who meet on a quarterly basis and is overseen by Matthew Bonning-Snook, the Director responsible for Sustainability. 
  • Environmental and Corporate Responsibility policies which set out Helical’s high-level commitment across a number of impacts areas. These are reviewed at the Sustainability Committee and Board level annually and are implemented by our senior management team.
  • Annual (and rolling) performance targets to enable us to focus our efforts throughout the year on measurable, yet achievable performance goals. We report on energy and water consumption at our large managed multi-let assets and head office, and measure our performance against quantitative targets set the previous reporting year. In addition, we measure the proportion of waste at our managed assets as well as within our developments.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help us monitor progress towards these targets and to ensure that we are able to report in line with investor disclosure requirements, notably FTSE4Good. It should be acknowledged that a business model such as that employed by Helical, involving significant trading of assets, means that absolute performance measures can be difficult to compare year on year, hence we report selected intensity KPIs.
  • A checklist to assist us in applying minimum sustainability requirements across our development activities. In collaboration with our consultants, we developed a sustainability project management checklist to ensure that sustainability issues are incorporated into all decisions throughout the development lifecycle. This has been expanded this year to include a Contractor’s Checklist to ensure that individual contractors address our corporate goals at the construction stage.
  • Effective use of internal evaluation and review through quarterly meetings of key Helical personnel, external corporate responsibility advisors and principal managing agents to ensure effective delivery of the objectives and targets.

The Management System has been designed specifically to reflect the flexibility of Helical’s business model. It also reflects the key role that Helical’s partners play in delivering enhanced sustainability outcomes in all its business ventures.